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Once upon a time, Brent Simmons' excellent NetNewsWire and Bare Bones Software's superb Yojimbo were brought together in holy union by John Gruber's NetNewsWire-to-Yojimbo scripts. This trifecta formed the backbone of my day.

And then, for various undisclosed reasons that rhyme with "schmersion 3.2 is bruggy", I switched from NNW to Vienna as my feed reader of choice. Without the Yojimbo-funneling scripts, however, my life was empty and incomplete.

AND SO, here are my ports of those scripts to work with Vienna, with a few inconsistencies and bugs cleaned up along the way. A huge THANKS to John for releasing the initial scripts, and (per his notice) to Fraser Speirs for the initial heavy lifting.



Please feel free to improve these via the GitHub project page.


I'm fairly certain that if you're looking for these, you know how to use them. But still: when you invoke these scripts (I suggest assigning keyboard shortcuts with FastScripts), a dialog will prompt you to enter tags (separated by comma-space, like so: ", "), and the currently-selected Vienna article will be bookmarked or archived into Yojimbo. It uses Growl, so that's probably required.


If you think tags are for sissies, you can delete the --prompt for tags block and the add_tags line. I'm not giving you any more help because it might be a felony to encourage your messiness.



None. Use at your own risk.


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